Medu Vada

Medu vada (in Tamil ) literally means soft vada. As my husband was pestering me to make some vada, i decided to make it on a recent festive occassion.

Here are the instructions:

Take some whole urad dal and let it soak in water for half an hour. Meanwhile, you can prepare some delicious coconut chutney (you can also try the vada with sambhar i.e Tamarind gravy / Tomato Sauce combination) to eat along with the vada. Take some whole black peppers, mix with the soaked urad dal and then grind the dal to a thick batter in a food processor.

Depending on your taste, you can even try adding some chopped onions and green chilles. Add curry leaves, coriander , asafoetida and, salt and mix thoroughly.

Take a deep frying pan and heat refined oil. Then wet your palms and take some batter and smoothen into circles of medium thickness. Add the vadas into the oil and fry till they turn crispy brown. Remove the vadas from the oil and serve hot.


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