Paneer tikka

How to use up the extra Pizza seasonings in your house ?

If you are faced with the above problem, then it indicates two things:

1. By looking through your purse, you can see the ground/your feet (wonder
ing how the big hole came about)

2. By weighing yourself, you are bound to suffer a mini stroke
(if you are the cheese gorging kind)

Anyways, now to use up all that extra seasonings in your cupboard, you can either throw the whole lot into the dustbin or you can cook up something using them. If you have decided on the latter option, let me throw in my usual disclaimer. This is NOT going to help you if you find yourself in the 2nd listing (done above, right at the beginning).

Ok, lets get on to some action.

  • First empty all those seasonings in to a bowl, add some salt and add some garam masala.
  • Mix the dry ingredients well and keep aside.
  • Go and hunt for some paneer in your refrigerator. If you have a huge block then slice it into small chunks.
  • Then roll ur paneer blocks into the seasoning mixture. Sprinkle some chat masala on top of the blocks and grill them either in a microwave or on the stove for some time.
  • Make sure that the paneer is soft and tender and then remove from the cooking area. Drain off the water (must have oozed out from the paneer) and add some butter.

Serve/eat it hot.

Hey, before you pop it into your mouth, do thank the Pizza outlet for making your life easier. You can also feel happy about yourself for not wasting any edible item.

Three cheers to recycling !!!

-priya varadan som


At 2:21 AM, Blogger arundhoti said...

that is what u call management!!! :-)))


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