malai kofta

To me, recipes become difficult if they involve cooking more than one
item. For preparing Malai kofta (MK), the kofta has to be made separately
before immersing it in the gravy. The need to cook two different items to prepare
this exotic dish, had always kept me away from trying my hand at it.

However, due to several reasons, I decided to cook MK last week.

I used the following:

For the Kofta :

Boiled and mashed potatoes
Fried bread crumbs
Grated Paneer
Corn flour, little amount
Garam Masala
Chilli powder
Chopped coriander leaves

I mixed all the above ingredients,except the corn flour, for the kofta and
rolled the mixture into small balls. I tossed all the balls on a bed of corn flour,
to provide a nice coating of the powder. Then I fried the coated balls in
oil (ghee gives a nice smell to the dish).

For the Gravy:

Chopped Tomatoes
Choppped onions
Ginger garlic paste
Chilli powder

I made a thick gravy of the tomatoes and onions by cooking them in oil
in a kadai. (for a thicker gravy, a paste of the tomatoes and onions can
be used). Then I added the ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, chilli powder,
garam masala and cooked till the raw smell was eliminated. Finally, I
added butter and then immersed the koftas into the gravy. Simmered the dish
for 2-3 minutes, removed from the flame and served hot with rotis.

Happy cooking..

- priya varadan som


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